Business in Syria continues despite civil war

Domain registrar enom says:

When a domain is under a “Freeze” status, the domain will continue to resolve, however there can be no updates made to the domain after Sept. 27th including the ability to renew the domain name.

This process can not be postponed due to the fact this order was issued by the Department of Treasury and as such is a government issued law that we must adhere to.

While we can understand the hardships that your Syrian customers are experiencing, we have no say in this process and apologize for any inconvenience that this is causing.

At the same time, a customer wrote:

I’m writing on behalf of Mr XYZ. His city is under siege with no internet access. He asked me to write to you to renew 2 of his accounts: *****.com and *****.com. He’ll contact you regarding the fees once the internet is back on.

Welcome to 21 century?

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