2015 cycling in re(ar)view

Moving with my bicycle through 2015 I’ve produced more than 126000 kJ of mechanical energy, which translates to approximately 35 kW/h. I didn’t have my power meter with me on several occasions and few rides data got corrupted or missing for various reasons, so 126 MJ is a conservative figure. “Обиколката на Витоша” 2015 cost me 2468 kJ, so overall it’s like doing 51 rounds of it or in other words doing it every week.

Due to many other commitments (it was crazy year for sure!) I didn’t have the opportunity to ride outside as much as I liked, so many of the rides were on the indoors trainer. Also my primary discipline is MTB, and that’s another reason for my unimpressive accumulated distance of 4853 km (compared to road cycling). Still, I climbed 44570 meters. That’s roughly the elevation gain equivalent of doing “Велорали Черни Връх” 28 times.

Ultimately, despite all obstacles this is my fastest year ever! 🙂 Using “Обиколката на Витоша” as benchmark, because it’s both the first bike race I’ve participated back in 2007 as well the most popular mountain bike race in Bulgaria (xcm), here’s how I did through the years:

Year Time
2007 10:30
2010 7:57
2012 6:22
2013 6:10
2014 7:16
2015 5:23

To be fair I didn’t think of 5h23m as a possibility. I just hoped I can go slightly bellow 6 hours. This was also the year where I participated in the biggest number of races – I think I stood at the start line of at least 13 races.

I’ve also learned that if you smile more you’ll enjoy things more.

So, cycling-wise 2015 was a good year 🙂

Looking forward to 2016 with high hopes!

And now some pictures, each worth more than thousand words of course:


2015 Ride locations

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