Where the real fun is

This year I got a road bycicle. It’s Specialized Alez Sport:


The nice thing about road cycling is that you can go really far. The not so nice thing is that you have to mix with the automobile traffic. To me MTB is still the king. This is where the fun is!

Today I did my first real ride for the season and it was fabulous. Well, actually it was second – the first was in Galatas, but this one was on home trails that I like very much (the first 1/4 of #vitosha100. The weather was really nice too. This was my first real ride with the new 1×11 drivetrain (Shimano XT M8000). I know I can’t be completely objective here, because the parts are brand new without any wear or play, but 1×11 feels really really nice and smooth. It made me shift more often and I felt like this gave me additional edge on the mostly level single trail where the speed varies quite a bit with every turn, bridge or puddle… In a way it had me thinking about CVT transmissions and electric motors 🙂

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